Written by Courtney lynch

For many, the New Year means a busy start more than a fresh start. Now’s the time when any holiday break you had might seem far away. And resolutions you made for better this year could already be forgotten in the swirl of getting back in the swing. If this sounds on point to you, pause for a moment. Take a breath and recognize where you are. Does the start of 2023 represent a new beginning for you? Or is it more of the same?

Change doesn’t need to be revolutionary. In fact, it’s the slow, steady, evolutionary changes that most often have lasting impacts. Yet, for better to happen, change is needed:

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly but rarely admit the changes

it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”

-Maya Angelou

Are you moving toward what matters most to you this year? Have you taken a clear accounting of where you are today and where you’d like to be by year-end? Leaders leverage time through intentional action. By knowing where you are and where you want to be, you best position yourself for the opportunities that will delight you. By clarifying what you intend to make of 2023, you can adjust your thoughts, behaviors, and actions to create that impact.

To enjoy the benefits of a healthy reset as the year unfolds, I encourage you to take these actions:

  • Write a paragraph to yourself that clarifies your intentions for this year. Focus on relationships you’ll strengthen, projects that matter at work, and growth you’d like to experience. Place this writing into monthly reminders so it reappears throughout your year, reminding you of your intent.
  • Plan to try one new thing that’s been on your mind to attempt. By trying something new, we reactivate dormant energy, have the chance to find something fresh to enjoy, and have an opportunity to learn.
  • Just as you clarify your intent for a fresh start and best intentions, create a short list of what this year will not be. Perhaps you want to ensure that 2023 is not hectic, unproductive, boring, stale, or the same old. Be clear with yourself about what you want to avoid. Awareness is a powerful motivator.

A clear accounting of where we are and clear intentions about where we want to be, keep us moving forward in meaningful ways.

Angie Morgan and Courtney Lynch are Lead Star’s co-founders, leadership coaches, and the bestselling authors of SPARKLeading from the Front, and Bet on You. They help professionals reach new levels of success through their innovative coaching program, Year to Rise.