Written by Courtney Lynch

We reached out to our Crisis Cohort last week and asked them for one word to describe how they feel right now.  Their responses ranged from afraid to content, from anxious to at peace, from exhausted to invigorated.  This further highlights the wide range of emotions this pandemic is evoking from leaders across the country.

The challenge all leaders face is consistency when it comes to emotions.  We know it’s hard to respect your emotions while managing them.  Yet, self-management is critical in this moment so we can be the best for ourselves and others.

Don’t ignore your emotions; pay attention to them – they give you insight into what you need to do to best lead yourself.

To support you through this time, we ask that you turn inward at some point
today to check in with your emotions.  And …

  • If you’re scared, ask yourself what you need for security.
  • If you’re anxious, find a practice that will calm your mind.
  • If you’re at peace, share with others what’s contributing to your well being.
  • If you’re invigorated, use this period to develop further your creativity.

We’re with you during this experience.  We know there is neither a perfect leader, nor a perfect response to this time in our lives.  Yet, if we all continue to grow, we’ll all be in a better place to lead ourselves and others through this unwelcomed disruption that has come into our lives.

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