written by Courtney Lynch
There’s no denying this is the most challenging time we’ve faced in a generation.

For many leaders, and the organizations they are charged to lead, the future is uncertain, resources seem scarce, and they’re experiencing a consistent weariness.  Our instincts might be telling us to turn inward, protect ourselves, and conserve our energy.  While we need to do what we can to prepare for what’s ahead, it’s important to not let a scarcity mindset overly influence our actions.

Now’s the time to step up to serve and support your family, your co-workers, and your community.  Your contribution in these times can come in many forms: a listening ear, a donation to a nonprofit in need, promoting a culture of flexibility for your staff, volunteering, or helping a neighbor.  The more we come together in service to one another, the better world we can help to create.

Relief, Recovery, and Reform

History shows us that great disruption is often followed by epic innovation.

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How Open is Your Mind?

Change is challenging for all of us.  One essential leadership practice to keep at the forefront is openness.  How willing are you to imagine, accept, and implement new ways of thinking, working, and being?

As you reflect on all that is unfolding, consider how you want to grow, evolve, and contribute.  There are growing movements in society to push thinking about what life can be like in a post-COVID world.  Thought leaders are asking not to bring the economy back as it was, but to reinvent our economy in ways that make it stronger and more equitable.  Protesters are creating a sense of urgency around healing divisions and resolving inequalities.

We all have different beliefs and thoughts around what the best change for our society will be at this time.  That’s okay.  What’s not helpful is denying that change is happening.  Leaders seek to influence outcomes and inspire others during challenge, change, and chaos.  Stay open and stay of service.  By engaging in thoughtful, helpful, valuable ways we’ll shape a new normal and write a better future.