written by Angie Morgan

A year of hardship, stress, disappointment, and upset after upset also brings powerful lessons of resiliency. In order to receive these gifts, we have to travel back in time and honor our journey. We must reflect and learn.

To facilitate reflection, I value the process of writing. It’s a clarifying medium that translates important impressions in our minds to actual thoughts and ideas we can take action on.

We created the Reflect, Learn, and Grow Guide to help support your reflection. First, it’s 100% FREE. Also, it presents 10 powerful questions to help you process your COVID journey in a way that uncovers lessons learned and opportunities to pursue.

With the Reflect, Learn, and Grow Guide you can:

  • Lead yourself through the reflection questions
  • Forward it to your friends, team, and colleagues and work through it together
  • Share it with your family so you can hear and learn from one another

I’m confident that you’ll discover through this reflection journey that you’re braver, bolder, and more resilient than you ever knew, and, with time, you’ll use the lessons learned to spark something personal and meaningful in the years to come.

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