Written by Kristin Harrington

I had a recent conversation with a friend who was anxious about his job due to a restructuring announcement at his company. The uncertainty weighed heavily on him, and he worried about the possibility of layoffs.

While I can’t predict the outcome of the restructuring, I do know that my friend is incredibly talented, dedicated to his work, and constantly striving to improve. Talent is the only true safety net, and my friend has all the talent he needs to feel safer than he does.

During times of uncertainty, it’s natural for our minds to focus on the worst case. We obsess over the future, envisioning every imaginable restructuring scenario in which we’re not included.

What can you do when fear, worry, and self-doubt keep you in a place of scarcity? Here’s some real-world wisdom for embracing abundance:

Imagine Other Possibilities. If we spend time living in the worst-case scenario, it’s only fair to consider the best-case and most likely scenarios, too. Best case? My friend gets a promotion because his exceptional talent is recognized and rewarded. Most likely case? He gets a new boss and continues forward with the company. These scenarios are every bit as likely (and way more so) than him losing his job, yet based on our discussion, I doubt he’s spent any time considering them. To shift to a place of abundance, give equal consideration to all the great things that can happen due to the change.

Reframe Obstacles Into Opportunity. The threat of a restructuring is daunting. Team members often feel in the dark and scared to confront the unknown. Refocusing on opportunity instead of obstacles can be empowering. Instead of feeling like something scary is happening to you, view it as a chance for growth and new experiences. Shifting your perspective can lead to new opportunities and personal development.

Choose Growth Over Fear. Change and uncertainty can be scary, but they also present opportunities for growth and new experiences. Instead of letting fear, worry, and self-doubt hold you back, embrace the possibilities that change can bring. Remember, talent is the only true safety net, and you can thrive in any situation with the right mindset. Choose growth over fear, and you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve.

Perspective matters, friends. Seeing the world through a different lens is often the key to moving through tough times.

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