Written by Courtney Lynch

How are YOU growing?

As leaders, it’s natural for us to be focused on the development of others. From our colleagues at work to our families at home, we want the teams we are a part of to thrive. This means we are often encouraging others to learn, develop and become better.

While supporting the success of others is essential, intentional personal growth is a habit for effective leaders. When was the last time you took time to focus deeply on learning? I’m not talking about reading an article for five minutes or watching a quick, interesting video. I’m talking about something more substantive: mindfully recognizing a gap or strength and then deliberately identifying and pursuing a learning path.

The more a leader grows, the stronger the teams they lead become.

When you intentionally work to improve a skill, let go of control, empower others, communicate better, double down on developing a strength, or take meaningful action on purpose that represents better; your changes can have a powerful impact on the results you inspire in others.

Here are examples:

  • When you have the strength not to coddle or enable someone else, they become better off over time. Recognize where you might be lowering the bar for people you care about. Learning how to say no or allowing someone to struggle through a challenge for the growth of it can be some of the most selfless acts a leader demonstrates.
  • When you can let go of micro-managing, and instead share clear intent and expectations, while holding people accountable to standards, people feel empowered.
  • Consider the technology, application, program, or platform that boggles your mind, yet if you knew it well would accelerate results for you and your team. Commit to learning how to fully utilize its functionality.
  • By taking time to work on how you communicate and making time to intentionally engage with your team, you’ll build stronger connections and a stronger sense of camaraderie in your workplace or home.

When you note how you want to be better and commit to learning and growing on purpose your teams will flourish with you.

Angie Morgan and Courtney Lynch are Lead Star’s co-founders, leadership coaches, and the bestselling authors of SPARKLeading from the Front, and Bet on You. They help professionals reach new levels of success through their innovative coaching program, Year to Rise.