Written by Courtney lynch

I work with leaders who are seeking to lead change:

  • Change in themselves
  • Change for the teams they are a part of
  • Change for the organizations they lead

One of the key challenges of change is that to lead it, you must shift from stability to insecurity. When you do, you open yourself up to a range of possibilities – from danger to tremendous opportunity. Yet, sometimes, the fear of danger holds us back.

We can often get stuck at the point where our wish for change fails to translate to action. We want different, but we don’t do different… even if different means a host of wonderfully amazing possibilities. Many of us prefer to talk about change and stay with a present state that isn’t as good as it could be rather than accept the challenge of insecurity.

Here are two inspiring ways to shift your perspective on change:

Insecurity is challenging, but that’s where real growth happens. I encourage you to reflect on simple changes you’d like to make in your life, work, or team. Ask yourself if the security of the known is better than the insecurity that can lead to something far better. Then, think about the journey you could take to make yourself a better partner, colleague, friend, parent, and leader.

Change doesn’t need to be epic to be valuable. I meet more leaders on good paths who’d like to be on a great path than those who believe they are on the absolute wrong path. Don’t resist taking the next step you want to, and (even need to), because the future is uncertain. That’s the moment to bet on yourself and take the risk.

Change, whether it brings insecurity or opportunity, is an essential part of personal and professional growth. It invites us to reflect on our paths and embrace the potential for betterment. As you look ahead, think of the additional decisions you can make with intention, and remember to Bet on You, as these choices lead you toward the future you envision for yourself.

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