written by Angie Morgan
While our team often prides ourselves in doling out guidance, we often get some incredible insight from our audience.

Recently, I delivered a keynote and a manager came up to me after to share her story about how she’s led in her life and how others have led her.  She talked about experiencing great adversity, but having a strong support network that encouraged her.  She pointed out that when we’re struggling, it’s difficult to ask for help and how wonderful it was that her network didn’t make her have to ask for it.  This not only inspired her during her darkest times, but it motivated her to take action because she knew she had a fan club cheering for her.

Every single one of us has had a bad day, discouraging week, or a dismal year.  So when you see that dark cloud following someone around, let this be your call to action.

  • Invite them to coffee and focus the conversation on them.  Ask questions.  Listening can inform you on how you can help.
  • Write a note to them.  Share what you have observed, remind them of their talents, and make an offer to be a resource to them as needed.
  • Invest in the relationship.  Don’t just have a one-time conversation about their troubles, reach out to them routinely and give them constant encouragement.
  • Don’t enable the person – empower them.  Also, don’t take on their troubles.  They don’t need pity – they need support!  Be empathetic, but also be strong.  They need a leader right now and that leader is you.

A good leader helps others in need.  A great leader anticipates the needs of others and initiates action.

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