Leadership coaching is the catalyst for business breakthroughs.

Leadership coaching is the most effective development experience for individual performers, managers, executives, and teams because it creates the right learning environment for them to:

  • Expand their self-awareness so they see clearly how they can develop
  • Better identify opportunities for greater results amidst everyday challenges
  • Increase their confidence to take meaningful risks that add value to their teams and departments
  • Receive real-time guidance, support, and thought partnership as they advance projects and elevate their effectiveness
    • One skilled leader has the power to ignite transformational change for any team or business.

How the Program Works

The Year to Rise coaching program is led by real-world leaders who understand the nature of business, change, and the context in which your team is leading. Angie Morgan and Courtney Lynch learned how to lead in the Marines and now apply their skills as entrepreneurs, advisors to the world’s best business, and as leadership coaches.

In a virtual, one-on-one format, a Lead Star coach will partner with your talent and share with them specific ways to reach new levels of success.

Key Program Features

Once your team member is assigned their coach - Angie or Courtney – they’ll launch their program, which consists of:

  • Program goal identification to ensure that there are metrics and relevant outcomes connected to the program’s success
  • Custom selected leadership assessments to help expand self-awareness
  • On-demand coaching calls to ensure your leaders are getting the coaching they need to support growth and development (typical program participants engage in coaching sessions 2-3 times a month)
  • Action-based learning assignments, directly connected to actual deliverables or identified development areas, in between coaching sessions so they can apply what they’re learning in real-time

If you have more than one leader enrolled in Year to Rise, Angie and Courtney can also include group-based learning into the program to help share knowledge, best practices, and further align the group with skills needed to drive organizational performance.

Our Customized Approach

Each Lead Star coaching program is unique; every participant utilizes their coaching conversations with express goals that are important to them and their organization, which can include:

Research has shown that leadership coaching is one of the best ways to support the growth and development of high performers, all the while helping support retention and engagement strategies.

Who’s This For?

Year to Rise is designed for professionals who have the will and commitment to excel.

If you have a team member who’s:

  • Recently or soon to be promoted and needs to start out strong
  • Hit a ceiling and needs a new strategy to break through
  • Needs feedback to help them accelerate results
  • Wants to reach new levels of contribution and impact

Then make this their Year to Rise.

Program Duration and Cost

Lead Star’s Year to Rise program is offered in a 6-month and 12-month format.

Each program option follows a similar structure:

Understand Your Story.

We’ll focus on learning about our client’s ecosystem and understanding their leadership style so they attain a clear picture of their strengths and opportunities for growth.

Clarify Your Vision and Identify Goals.

Together we’ll define their professional and personal vision and translate it into goals and a step-by-step plan.

Focus on Sustainable Change.

We know personal growth takes time, will, and commitment. We’ll help your talent create the context for change and build the leadership competencies needed for sustainable results.

Practice Self-Directed Growth.

When your team members conclude their Year to Rise experience, they’ll have a roadmap that will allow them to continue down their growth journey post-program.

Selecting a Program

When considering which program duration is right for your talent, assess goals for their coaching program. If you need short-term support for either a project they’re focused on, specific skill development, or a career goal that’s in sight, the 6-month program can be ideal.

If your talent needs a transformational vision and strategy to achieve it or would value real-time support in a management/executive role and you have multiple goals for their development, the 12-month program is the better timeline.

You can also consult with one of Lead Star’s coaches to determine what program length is the right fit.

Our leadership programs have been embraced by:

Impact of Our Coaching


seeking a promotion earned one


would recommend Year to Rise to a colleague or friend


reported greater balance and career satisfaction

Meet Your Coaches

Proven leaders, New York Times best-selling authors, and your guides to becoming the best leader you know.

Meet Angie

Angie Morgan is a dynamic, creative thought leader who knows how to unlock the capability and talent of leaders at all levels.

After serving as a Marine Corps officer, Angie led in pharmaceutical sales for Merck and Pfizer. She’s been a special advisor to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on diversity initiatives, and engages routinely with boards and organizations to drive performance.


Meet Courtney

Courtney Lynch is a big-picture thinker whose life’s mission is to support individuals as they become the best leaders they know.

She spent nine years as a Marine Corps officer, managed a top-notch software sales team, and practiced at one of the nation’s leading law firms. Courtney also served as an elected official and as Chief Operating Officer at a rapidly scaling U.K.-based technology company.


Make the Choice that Leads to Results

We don’t want your top talent to waste one more day giving their best but not achieving the results that matter most. Enroll your talented colleagues in Year to Rise for a powerful, lasting leadership development experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of results does leadership coaching deliver?
  • Return on investment is important to the success of any program. In the beginning stages of our coaching programs, we work with our clients to establish goals that are important for them to achieve. Throughout the program, we track progress to ensure that we’re driving toward the results that matter for each participant.

    Typical program results include:

    • Increased performance with role-related goals, metrics, and outcomes
    • Improved team dynamics and output
    • Stronger confidence
    • Expanded problem-solving capability
    • Better communication skills
    • Effective conflict resolution
    • More effective coaching and mentoring
    • Enhanced peer relationships and collaboration ability
    • Greater job and life satisfaction
    • Higher quality, interdependent relationships

  • How is leadership coaching different than executive coaching?
  • What’s the time commitment for a program participant?
  • How can I tell if coaching is “working?”
  • Is the start date flexible?
  • How do key stakeholders participate in the coaching program?
  • How is this program different from other programs?
  • Do you use assessments and 360s as part of Year to Rise?
  • How do I know Angie or Courtney will be a good fit for my team members?
  • Will coaching program participants be judged or evaluated?
  • Does coaching really work?
  • What if my team members say they’re too busy for coaching?
  • What could go wrong?
  • Who is coaching not a good fit for?
  • Angie and Courtney are successful, yet are they relatable?

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