written by Courtney Lynch
Each week I get the privilege of listening to what’s on the minds of leaders across many different industries. One constant theme right now is change. It might be the pace of change, the type of change, or even change fatigue.

Through the pandemic experience, we’ve all had to manage change. Much of the change was unexpected at first and leaders shared how they couldn’t wait for things to get back to normal. Over time, leaders began to reckon with the fact that so much was changing that many aspects of our professional worlds would likely never go back to what they once were. A new way of working was upon us.  

As we recognize the magnitude of changes brought on by the pandemic, it’s natural to want to find safe harbors of “normal” or bits of life that are just as they were before we ever heard the word “Covid.” This is a common need for security we all share. Yet, we have a choice to make when it comes to how we’re going to handle the changes that continue to unfold:

Are we going to be the river or the rock the river flows over and around?

A river moves on consistently. A rock only moves when forces act upon it. The rock is steadfast, ever sturdy, and unyielding. There are seasons where rock-like stability is necessary. This isn’t one of them. Taking our cues from the river is much more relevant for today’s times.

As leaders, there is change we lead and change we allow to happen. Both approaches to ushering in the new or different that’s needed are equally valuable. Sometimes we aren’t up for leading the charge. That’s okay, acceptance and support of change is just as significant. Like a river, we keep moving forward.

I encourage you to consider the ways are you showing up as the rock when being the river is best?

That self-reflection will help you find a path to greater results, acceptance, joy, and contribution. Steadiness has its place, yet fluidity is necessary for the now.

Courtney Lynch is the co-founder of Lead Star and the New York Times best-selling author of SPARK: How to Lead Yourself and Others to Greater Success, Leading from the Front,and the soon to be published Bet on You. Sign up for Lead Star’s free, weekly newsletter to get timely leadership tips delivered directly to your inbox each Monday.