written by Angie Morgan

Courtney and I’ve been working on a yearlong project with an exceptional healthcare provider in Alabama. Even amidst COVID, leadership development has been possible … and, what’s more, it’s been needed and greatly valued.

What’s unique about this project is everyone – at every level – is receiving leadership training. It’s personally fulfilling to watch those who’ve never been “told” they’re leaders realize ways that they do, in fact, lead. This newfound shift in their perspective has inspired many to take more initiative, deliver better feedback, and understand more how they connect to success in their organization.

This entire experience reminds me that if you haven’t shared with your team, your colleagues, and even members of your network that they are leaders, now’s the time. Helping people recognize how and where they lead inspires them to demonstrate greater leadership and take greater accountability over their performance in the workplace.

We firmly believe in this mantra – Better Leaders = Better World. Everyone can play a part in strengthening their leadership skills and inspiring greater leadership among others.

We’re proud of the momentum that we’re gaining helping promote leaders at all levels. Here’s a great piece Courtney wrote for CEO World – may it inspire you to consider new ways to build leaders across your organization.

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