written by Courtney Lynch
As leaders, we never know exactly how many days are ahead of us.

It can be valuable to see the expanse of runway in our futures, the opportunities for challenges and growth. Whether we have 5 years or 25 years to retirement, knowing that we have time to recommit, reinvent, or redo a decision is comforting. We are only stuck in time if we choose to be. Imagine what’s next, what’s left or what’s still in your heart to become, and then take intentional actions toward bringing that vision to life.

Embracing the now includes understanding longevity and respecting that we are all still works in progress.

To find powerful, lasting success, take these five steps to examine your runway:

Step 1: Believe that you can choose how to lead your life. Being responsible to yourself first means knowing what you value, what you want, and how you want to contribute. When your values are active in your life, they can provide the hard line you don’t cross and show you the way forward.

Step 2: Practice vigilant accountability. Whatever you do, do it on purpose. If you plan to relax, do so fully. If you plan to work, roll up your sleeves and get going. The key is to have intent for your days and act accordingly.

Step 3: Make decisions that matter. Every time we come to a choice point in life, we have the opportunity to shape circumstances, versus being at the mercy of them. If you want to do something, start pursuing it right away.

Step 4: Continue to raise your own expectations of yourself. Leadership skills, like all skills, take time to develop. Your self-development begins with developing the courage to lead your life in the direction you want.

Step 5: Find ways to serve others in your pursuits. Intentional actions taken on behalf of others lead to life’s most joyous moments.  Even if you spend just ten minutes a day doing something for a friend, co-worker, family member or stranger, you’ll find yourself more energized, aware and better off.

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