written by Angie Morgan & Courtney Lynch

While none of us will ever be a perfect leader, we can all be better leaders. To strengthen, we often need to challenge ourselves. One way to invite challenge and growth is to ask yourself four key questions:

  1. What standards are important to me, yet I’m not living up to them consistently? 
    Your answer to this question will help you align your daily actions with what you value most.
  2. What (or who) am I blaming for what’s less than best in my life?
    The blame game wastes valuable time and energy with little result. Instead of placing blame, focus on what actions you can take to resolve a challenge, a relationship, or a problem. Remember that letting go is being proactive.
  3. How can I add value to others?
    It’s hard to ask for help. Don’t wait for others to ask you to be of value. Demonstrate service today by supporting, encouraging, or showing someone you care.
  4. Who can I thank for making a difference in my life?
    Gratitude shared is powerful. I encourage you to share this article with someone who has contributed to your success. Simply tell them they are your answer to #4.

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