written by Angie Morgan

Reignite Yourself

Your career has its peaks and valleys.

Peaks are great, right?

  • You closed the big deal
  • Your proposal blew your client’s mind
  • Your team completed a project under budget and ahead of time

Peaks can give you the energy and motivation necessary to strive for even greater achievements.  Though, they never seem to last long enough, do they?

What’s more, once you’re on top of a mountain, the only next step is one that goes down.  If you take too many steps, you can find yourself in a valley – a lonely, dismal place.

Valleys can be:

  • Receiving a discouraging performance review
  • Losing a treasured client
  • Getting a demotion

This is when it feels like work just isn’t working for you.  While in a valley, you’ll consider career changes, experience self-doubt, and question what it is that you’re meant to be doing in the first place.

Sometimes it can be challenging to inspire yourself in these moments, which is when you need to seek out sources that encourage you and help you rediscover that spark within.

If this sounds at all familiar, visit The SPARK Experience and check out our videos, designed to give you the motivation you need to stay inspired.  At Lead Star, we’re on your side.  Being our best requires effort, and we’re committed to giving the resources you need to be your best.

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