written by Angie Morgan

One Leader Can Make a Difference

Meet Merissa Green. #violetfierce

Merissa is a journalist by training.  If you’ve met a journalist before, you know one thing for certain: they’re curious.  After reading SPARK, she wondered if she could start a leadership revolution in her own community, Polk County, in Florida.  She believed that if more individuals aspired to lead, many of the challenges in her community would be addressed.

Last week, Merissa distributed 20+ copies of SPARK to colleagues.  Prior to giving them a free copy, she challenged them with these five activities:

  • Donate to a charity/nonprofit
  • Offer peer mentorship
  • SPARK a movement
  • Read and interact with the book
  • SPARK it forward

For the next two months, these leaders in Polk County are going to be reading a chapter of SPARK, staying in close contact, and pushing each other to think and act differently as a result of their leadership development journey.  Want to follow them on social media?  Follow the group on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter – @sparkinpolk

We’re inspired by Merissa – a leader who recognizes that she can SPARK a movement by sharing the right ideas with the right people who are committed to taking the right actions.

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