written by Courtney Lynch

It’s no secret that Angie and I are pretty excited about the April 19th release of our new book, Bet on You: How to Win with Risk. Writing a book is a labor of love, and we are thrilled it’s almost ready to hit the shelves and support you on your journey to pursue the dreams that matter to you most.

We wrote Bet on You in response to a common missing ingredient we’ve noticed in leaders:

A hesitancy to factor intentional risk-taking into their formula for success in their careers and in life.

Risk is all around us, yet our instinct can often be to operate in a “play-it-safe” mode that – for many of us – we were taught in our youth. It’s a bit paradoxical. The guidance that helped us become successful adults is the exact guidance that could be holding us back from fulfilling our potential.

Another truth Angie and I have recognized from our coaching work is:

Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will.

Fear has a way of taking you off the path you really want to be on. When that happens, what puts you back on track is planning, preparing, and building the safety net necessary to take risks that matter to you.

We rarely see professionals with outrageous goals that outpace their talents. Instead, we see leaders who have all the talent they need to take small, consistent steps towards the better future they imagine. And when they do, their families, friends, colleagues, and communities win, too.

What’s on your heart to do that’s new or different and exciting and scary all at the same time? Pay attention to that call. Small, daily actions towards it can lead to incredible growth and impact.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing insights we’ve learned from researching risk and coaching leaders through the process of embracing risk on the way to reward. Learning to win with risk will be valuable for you if:

  1. You seek to thrive.
  2. The pandemic inspired you to reflect on what’s truly important.
  3. You sense more opportunity is available to you, you just need to build the courage and the plan to take action.

Pandemic living has reinforced many truths. Life is unpredictable. We grow through challenge. We didn’t choose to experience a pandemic, yet we can choose the path forward courageously and move beyond it.

Courtney Lynch is Lead Star’s co-founder, an experienced leadership coach, and bestselling author of SPARK, Leading from the Front, and Bet on You. She helps professionals reach new levels of success through her innovative coaching program, Year to Rise.