Written by Angie Morgan
  1. Bookshelf Books. These are the ones that are typically found in your office; they often expose you to new ways of working, new productivity tips, and hacks that can add value to your work and life.  We need these types of books to be current and professionally relevant.  These books also allow us to engage in interesting workplace conversations.
  2. Bedside Table Books. These are often life-related books; the ones that can either help you be a better parent, live a more spiritual life, help you attain greater goals, allow you to learn about a specific historical event, or provide you with motivation and inspiration to get through each and every day.  These can be challenging, educational, and fun … all designed to cater to your interests.
  3. Beach Bag Books. These are the fun ones – brain candy.  Ones that don’t make you think too hard but transport you to a different place/time/scenario that allows you to escape.  It’s summer … we need these books to lighten the mental load we’ve been carrying.