written by Angie Morgan

I’ve been in learning mode recently as Lead Star seeks to up its Instagram game. The teachers our firm “hired” are none other than Courtney’s twin daughters, Kara and Jessica. In addition to all the extracurriculars in their busy lives, they’ve enthusiastically (and patiently) been sharing with Courtney and me how we can use the platform to further promote our message.

J & K recently came to us with a great idea: to help further inspire leadership in this world, why not offer up a fun competition? Here are the details:

Gift Card

Click here to find us on Instagram. If you’re already following us, great. If not, what better time than now? If you like what you see, you’ll know who to thank – Kara and Jessica – our reverse mentors who’ve shown us that:

  • Anyone, anywhere, can teach, guide, and lead.
  • The best mentors are patient, encouraging, and passionate about what they have to share.
  • To be a good mentee, have an open mind and a willingness to learn.

We’re never finished products. There’s always so many ways to grow!