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I am Scared. I am Perplexed. I am Content.

Lead Star, August 17, 2020

We reached out to our Crisis Cohort* last week and asked them for one word to describe how they feel right now.  Their responses ranged from afraid to content, from anxious to at peace, from exhausted to invigorated.  This further highlights the wide range of emotions this pandemic is evoking from leaders across the country.
The challenge all leaders face is consistency when it comes to emotions.  We know it’s hard to respect your emotions while managing them.  Yet, self-management is critical in this moment so we can be the best for ourselves and others.  Don’t ignore your emotions; pay attention to them – they give you insight into what you need to do to best lead yourself. 
To support you through this time, we ask that you turn inward at some point
today to check in with your emotions.  And …

  • If you’re scared, ask yourself what you need for security.
  • If you’re anxious, find a practice that will calm your mind.
  • If you’re at peace, share with others what’s contributing to your wellbeing.
  • If you’re invigorated, use this period to develop further your creativity.

We’re with you during this experience.  We know there is neither a perfect leader, nor a perfect response to this time in our lives.  Yet, if we all continue to grow, we’ll all be in a better place to lead ourselves and others through this unwelcomed disruption that has come into our lives.   

Your Best Intentions: Honor Them with Action
Our Crisis Cohort also revealed that we all did a really great job of communicating at the beginning of COVID … and now that we’ve settled into our WFA (Work from Anywhere) lifestyle, some of the intentional connections have dialed down.  As we all prepare for the fall, challenge yourself on how you can bring more community to your work environment; maybe Zoom Happy Hours are a thing of the past.  Perhaps you can launch into a Zoom book club to ignite ideation and support team building.  Need any book recommendations?  We’ve heard SPARK is a good one 😊, and all the free materials to lead a book club can be found here.


The Simple Practices of Optimism

Angie’s nickname is “Shiny Penny.”  She has a way of being hopeful during dark times, positive amidst gloom.  She’s the first to say that optimism isn’t always the first emotion that greets her in the morning; yet, she’s continuously working on practices that allow her to get there … fast.  Check out her most recent post on LinkedIn, titled “I Hate This … And I’m Doing it Anyway.” 

Thanks for being a part of our community. 
Our best,
Angie and Courtney
*Our Crisis Cohort is a group of leaders across industries and employment levels who’ve stepped up to share their perspective during this pandemic.  Want to join our Cohort?  The time commitment is minimal.  Click here to join. 

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