You’re an experienced leader – what motivated you to engage in a leadership coaching program?

The testament of a true leader is to be a life-long learner. While I have more than a decade of leadership experience, I know I need to hone and sharpen my skills so that I can help others grow and maximize their potential.

In your opinion, how is coaching different than enrolling in a “traditional” leadership program?

In my opinion coaching is more personalized, we talk about very specific issues that I am facing, and it is less academic and more situation specific. I appreciate having unbiased feedback and proven tactics to help me accomplish my goals.

What’s been your experience in the coaching sessions?

Open, honest dialogue that has allowed for self-reflection. Tools that help me understand how I lead and what the opportunities are for growth as a person and a professional. Lastly, speaking with a skilled, thoughtful person who is helping guide me towards the change I want to see has been tremendous.

Advice to lead by
Growth comes from the journey. It is not always the task of development, but the small steps of growth and expansion of thought that allows a leader to be their best.Shamar Herron, Executive Director, Michigan Works! Southeast
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