How did coaching help you grow?

Lead Star helped me pull my head up from the tactical day-to-day activities in order focus on strategy and leadership. This has helped me advance in my career as well as help others achieve their goals.

Coaching is a safe environment to share ideas, thoughts, and feelings. It allows you the space to think.

How do you use what you learned from your coaching program today?

One of the great things about the lessons learned through coaching is they apply to all levels. I have used them in upper management team building sessions as well as day-to-day supervisor huddles.

Why would you recommend coaching with Lead Star?

Working with Lead Star forced me to get out of my comfort zone and challenged the way I looked at leadership. This process is difficult but there is nothing more rewarding. Working with Lead Star will make you a more effective leader.

Advice to lead by
Leadership starts with self-awareness and is built on trust. Be humble enough to admit who you are and vulnerable enough to share that with others. Brice Mills, Chief Operating Officer, Ziegenfelder
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