How did Year to Rise benefit you?

The program opened my eyes to what a coaching program can be. On our calls, I had a flood of thoughts and issues, and Angie was able to listen and organize my ideas in a manner that was easy to see and plan a way forward.

How did the program enhance your career?

When I started the program, I was just promoted into a new position. I needed support in building my confidence in my decisions and understanding how to leverage my team’s skills to get the work done. The results were fantastic, and I was able to navigate without losing my personal life.

What I learned in Year to Rise will benefit me for many years to come. It was the best investment for my career.

How is Year to Rise different than other leadership training you’ve attended?

Year to Rise was customized to my unique needs as a leader. It was far more rewarding than a classroom experience because I could learn and develop in real-time and with real-world situations. The guidance I received wasn’t vague; it was valuable.

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As a leader, listen more, learn from your team – they already have a solution, they just need your blessing. Help them feel important.Maria Neves Carrasquilla, Operations Manager, Schlumberger
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