How is coaching valuable?

Working with a coach provides you an opportunity to face and discuss challenges with someone you trust, and who can help you expand your thinking and give you approaches to situations with a new perspective. My coach is a neutral party who I can go to for wisdom when handling difficult situations, and I always walk away feeling empowered to lead.

How has coaching accelerated your success?

Coaching has provided a framework for my personal, professional, and leadership development. While I might have learned these lessons “on the job,” the intentional discussion of leadership challenges has allowed me to approach my team with intention from the start and provided us with a very unique and seamless team culture and work ethic.

Coaching provided me encouragement, structure, and challenge to my current routine, while pushing me to be a better leader.

Why would you recommend Year to Rise?

Lead Star coaching has been one of the most positive experiences of my career. It has allowed me to transition into a new job in a new city, with a new baby, with a sense of empowerment for the future. While the transition has been stressful, Courtney has helped me to gain a sense of perspective and priority so I can face each challenge and lead my team more effectively.

Advice to lead by
I lead by first investing my own time and energy, and then demonstrating how I would like my team to do the same.Ashlyn Everett, Physician, Alliance Cancer Care
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