Written by Angie Morgan
Remember what winning feels like?  We do, too.

What might be hard to believe is that we’re in pre-season.  We’re training for a race that doesn’t have a date assigned to it, a high-stakes competition that will test our minds, bodies, and souls.  (We’re registered … we just don’t know when it’s taking place.)

We know we haven’t been slacking in COVID.  Yet, in this place of disruption we’ve spent so much time responding to surprises.  It’s now time to take a step back, think broadly, and then recalibrate our actions so we’re aligned to the goals important to us and for our futures.

This leadership moment is about resetting and recommitting to the disciplines of self-leadership.  We want you to win and we’re here to cheer you on.  Let’s go!

Get it Write

Whether it’s in a workshop or with a coaching client, the very first commitment we ask people to make is writing.  Our ideas are important, but not as important as a clearly articulated thought on paper that makes our visions more vivid and our goals more defined.

Before you think about winning, define what success looks like for you.  During your week this week, write your answers to these four questions:

  • What’s your definition of success – personally or professionally.
  • What actions are you taking to achieve it?
  • What changes can you make to be more intentional with your goals?
  • What small changes – starting tomorrow – will you commit to?

Build Your Change Muscle

All change begins with a decision, followed by action.  Action is always the hard part because it’s uncomfortable.  Whether it’s starting a new diet, adjusting to a new work schedule, launching a new fitness routine, or even adapting to new technology, we know how hard it is to start something new and stick with it.

We’re huge advocates of incremental change – small, daily actions that can lead to sustainable habits.  So, don’t think you have to do a 180 to lead yourself to where you’re going.  Small shifts … over time … lead to great results.

Read These Types of Books

While many of us are feeling jerked around in COVID times, as if much of our lives is beyond our control, here’s something you can 100% positively control each day – your reading.

Reading is a gateway to positive change.  New ideas can inspire your mind and ignite action.  Even the busiest of professionals can find the time to read.

When we think about reading, we have to expand our perspective on what we should, in fact, be reading.  Click here to learn more about the three types of books you should have on-hand at all times.

We’re excited to be companions with you on this victory march.  Keep leading from the front and staying engaged.

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