written by Angie Morgan

Be Intentional with Your Dreams

“This isn’t random.”

That was my though last Thursday evening sitting in a theater as I watched the documentary After So Many Days.  A few weeks prior I had been asked to moderate the film with the producers as part of the Traverse City Film Fest.  My assignment, I was told, was chosen at random.  But as I was mesmerized watching this band go “all in” on their dreams, I knew I was fated to see this movie.

The band’s musicians, Jim and Sam, were sick of feeling in a rut.  Instead of waking up each day feeling like they weren’t doing all they could to be successful, they decided to make a change – a drastic change.  They were going on a tour to perform every single day for an entire year.  Even if that performance meant a pop up in a random liquor store, or serenade to a food delivery guy.  For one whole year, they were going to be relentless.

I encourage you to watch the trailer.  Once you’re done, ask yourself:

  • What dreams am I half-heartedly committing to?
  • What can I do today to ensure my success for tomorrow?
  • What if I were to commit to something for a whole entire year?  What would happen?

As for me, this film was an inspiration and a great reminder of the power of intention.  We can let life happen to use, or we can make life happen for us.

What are you pursuing with intention today to create your better tomorrow?

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