written by Angie Morgan & Courtney Lynch

With autumn closing in and summer starting to fade away, it’s a it’s a good time to do a seasonal check-in and reset.

Intentional action is one of the most effective tools leaders have for living their values and meeting their responsibilities. By reviewing how the past several months have gone for you, and anticipating what new structure, demands, and opportunities fall will bring, you’ll be able to leverage the change of season for the benefits it brings.

As you look back, here are some questions to consider:

  • What was the best part of your summer? What went well and what do you want to keep making sure you make time for?
  • What was chaotic or less than best about your summer? How can you eliminate or reduce this friction in the fall?

As you evaluate the now, consider these action items:

  • Sketch out how your calendar changes with new activities. Build out your schedule for a typical week, creating a blueprint for what fall looks like for you.
  • Take a longer view of the season: note breaks you’ll take, special events you’d like to attend, and “to-dos” you’d like to leave fall having complete.
  • Make sure your planning leaves time for quieter weekends, wellness goals, and learning and growth (things we often neglect to work into our busy weeks and months).

Lastly, look forward. And, as you look ahead, recognize that with fall comes the realization that the year is 2/3 complete. What are you still wanting to accomplish in 2021? How can you make sure that happens?

While life in a pandemic is not predictable, embracing the natural change of a season with intention allows us to reflect, refresh, and ready ourselves for the anticipated while preserving energy for the unexpected.

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