written by Angie Morgan & Courtney Lynch

When was the last time you …

  • Went for a walk without music pumping through your earbuds?
  • Drove your car without listening to a podcast?
  • Waited for an appointment without scrolling through your phone?

In other words, when was the last time you really quieted your mind and focused on your own, unique thoughts and ideas?

This type of silence can be unsettling, right?

Yet, in this silence is a world of wonder where your dreams can become more vivid and your unique aspirations can become clearer.

Quieting and unmooring your mind allows you to direct your life from the inside out … you listening to yourself on what you need to do versus taking cues and direction from external sources.

It’s easy to be caught up in suggestions from the outside world about …

  • What type of career decisions you should be making
  • Where you should be living
  • How you should be parenting

The list goes on.

The outside world is never short of advice about all the things you should be doing. But Google, or any other social media influencer that you seek guidance from, doesn’t know what you’re put on this earth for. Sure, take inspiration from others … but start with your dreams, first. Create your own vision and, then, incorporate recommendations into your authentic pursuit of what’s most meaningful and fulfilling to you.

I’ve got a challenge for you to help you dream better:

  • Take walks in solitude … you might find this boring, but Aha! Moments happen in the most boring and mundane times of our life.
  • Journal more … start by writing a theme at the top of a piece of paper, something like “Here’s how I want to live my life,” and then write in free form. You might be surprised by what flows out onto your paper.
  • When you’re waiting in a reception area for a meeting, or on a park bench, don’t pick up your phone … just sit there and observe. Make a conscious effort to listen to your mind. This might feel uncomfortable, but there’s growth in the discomfort.

As we emerge from this pandemic, take the time to pay attention to your dreams … they still matter. They deserve your consideration and, most importantly, they need to be honored by action.

Angie Morgan and Courtney Lynch are Lead Star’s founders, experienced leadership coaches, and bestselling authors of SPARK, Leading from the Front, and Bet on You. They help professionals reach new levels of success through their innovative coaching program, Year to Rise.