What did you enjoy most about coaching?

I really enjoyed getting to know my coach over the years. Courtney provided a safe space to ask questions. I didn’t feel like I always had to be on. I was able to take a deep breath and gain strong insights to what I needed to do in leading my organization. My coach was a good check for my “Am I crazy” meter. I could always ask if I was thinking about something correctly.

What advice would you give a leader who is about to start coaching?

Be vulnerable. Be honest. Really think about your challenges in leading.

Why would you recommend coaching with Lead Star?

It provides a great analysis of strengths and opportunities in your leadership approach. It’s not about translating your leadership style. It’s about leading with your authentic self and making strong decisions for your organization.

Lead Star has gifted me the courage to tackle the really difficult and challenging situations and decisions head on and with lots of enthusiasm.

Advice to lead by
Don’t look at criticism as a weapon but a tool for you to create success.
Keep listening and learning, even if you already have the answer.Jona Van Deun, President, Nebraska Tech Collective
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