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Will COVID-19 Influence Better Workplaces?

Lead Star, March 31, 2020

Will COVID-19 Influence Better Workplaces?

As the pandemic continues to spread around the globe, most of us are seeing disruption to how, when, and why we work.  Whereas companies were once hesitant to allow flexible work arrangements, they are now all in—and, despite technology challenges, they are seeing benefits to productivity and performance.

COVID-19 will have lasting effects on how we work.  As leaders, let’s take the opportunity to ensure that it changes the way we work for the better.  During this time, it can be helpful to question what other assumptions your organization has been clinging to as “the way it’s always done here.”  A good, hard look at past norms will help us evolve to create a more effective workplace and style that can lead to valuable innovation.

Great Resources

Your inbox is likely overflowing with resources to get you through the crisis.  We want to help you cut through the noise.  Here are two helpful reads and a podcast to keep you informed during this time:

Five Steps to Leading through a Crisis
Our World in Data- Coronavirus Statistics and Research
Stuff You Should Know-COVID-19

Connection Tip of the Week

We’ve all been hearing about Zoom happy hours, I hope you find time to enjoy one with your colleagues.  To extend that virtual connection to your family and friends, you might consider a Netflix Party.  You can learn more here.  From kids’ birthday parties, to virtual family get togethers, Netflix Parties allow you to be social, share a movie together, and connect virtually.

Wishing you a healthy, safe week ahead.  In times of challenge and change, it’s best to prepare for the long haul, then be pleasantly surprised when circumstances change for the better, sooner.

We’re with you,
Angie and Courtney

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