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Why Grit is Critical for Reaching Your Goals

Angie Morgan, January 8, 2018

Why Grit is Critical for Reaching Your Goals

At first, dreams seem impossible, then improbable, and eventually inevitable. – Christopher Reeve

What dreams do you want to achieve? What goals do you intend to pursue?

Whatever your answers to these questions, there is one critical trait that you need to depend on: grit.

Grit isn’t a word that we hear every day, yet it is an essential quality for goal accomplishment. People who have grit are able to cultivate hardiness when confronted with challenge and agility when circumstances change. It’s no surprise that the presence of grit determines if West Point cadets are retained after their first year, or who makes it to the stage in the National Spelling Bee Championship.

Grit isn’t a static quality. It can be developed in all of us. Here are a few things you can do:

  • Identify goals that you are passionate about achieving. Passion helps individuals heighten and sustain their efforts when the going gets tough.
  • Get as specific as possible with your goals. What is it that you want and when is it that you want it? Then, what are milestones you can cross to reassure yourself that you are on the right path?
  • Choose one big goal. Don’t tempt fate: Goal accomplishment can be very challenging because it requires us to start new habits. Don’t try to achieve five.
  • Decide what behaviors you would like to introduce, not ones that you would like to stop. It’s much easier to develop new habits than it is to halt old ones.
  • Grab an accountability partner. Share your goal with someone and ask them what they can do to support you. Remind them that it is your job to check in with them to update them on where you are and how you are doing.

Many of us approach the beginning of each year with great dreams and goals. Whether the changes you want to make are professional or personal, consider how grit can help you reach your goals.

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