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The Past Prepared Us for This …

Courtney Lynch, July 22, 2019

Milestones make great reflection points.

We celebrated Lead Star’s birthday this month.  Wow … 15 years!  We’ve been grateful for every interaction with the talented leaders we’ve had the chance to meet.  This whole experience has been extremely rewarding.

In honor of Lead Star’s Anniversary, we’ve taken the time to understand how we can continue to have impact and add value to others.  We’ve asked ourselves:

  • Who would benefit most from our experiences? 
  • How can we continue to maintain strong, personal ties to our clients? 
  • Where can we be most helpful?

We wake up each day with a deep desire to be our very best for our clients, which has led us to consolidate and focus our coaching work.   We are moving our coaching practice into the Lead Star Network – a comprehensive, yearlong development program designed for Millennial and Gen X women who are busy … yet need personalized support and a strong network to grow and advance in their careers.

We invite you to learn more about the Network by clicking here.  This is an exclusive offer for either yourself or a female leader you want to invest in.  When a member joins the Network, they get to experience:

  • 1:1 coaching from either Angie or me
  • Participation in a two-day retreat for a customized leadership development experience
  • The opportunity to build a grad-school quality network efficiently
  • On-going virtual learning

We’re accepting new members into the Network right now for an official October 1 start.

Now is the time to either secure your spot or to bring this opportunity to the attention of a woman leader you value.  Feel free to email me, too, to discuss the Network and how you can either join or sponsor a member.

Thank you for an amazing 15 years.  We look forward to the positive impact the Network will bring as it complements Lead Star’s consulting work.  Here’s to the bright future ahead!


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