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Six Ways You Can Be a Workplace Hero

Lead Star, May 24, 2020

What’s a Workplace Hero?  It’s someone who’s committed to the health and safety of their coworkers.  Here are six ways you can be a Workplace Hero amidst COVID-19:

  1. Exemplify Workplace Safety Habits. Don’t grumble and groan about what you’re being asked to do – own it.  Be the most spirited individual when it comes to wearing a mask and don’t wait to be told that “there are too many people in the conference room.”  Police yourself, your team.  We’re not asking you to be a hall monitor; know what you’re being asked to do and be the example.
  2. Mind the Distance. When you see your colleagues for the first time as you return to work, fight your instincts … don’t hug them.  It’s hard to keep distance from the people we truly value in our lives.  Be the first to say, “Hey, I missed you so much … and let’s mind the distance!”  No one wants to be the one who gets other people sick.
  3. Err on the Side of YES!! If you’re in a position to support your team during this period by giving them more flexibility to help support their childcare needs, anxieties, concerns about the virus, etc, be the person to say “YES!  We’ll do whatever you need to ensure you feel safe and you can perform at your level.”  Everyone’s circumstances are so unique.  Don’t be the Department of “No.”  Explore creative ways that you can take care of your team.
  4. Stay Informed. Many businesses/regions/industries are handling this pandemic and the return to work differently.  Keep informed of best practices and escalate the ones that can truly make a positive difference in your environment.
  5. Keep Politics Out of the Conversation. We hate to bring this up, be we’re real.  This pandemic has been politicized … and add to the fact that we’re in a presidential election year, this experience is likely going to be a huge debate.  Do your team a favor by setting the stage early on that it’s probably a great idea to take direction from your organization first regarding PPE, policies, etc.  Don’t engage and/or entertain discussions when they turn to politics.  There’s no need to add any additional stress to our lives.
  6. Find Shared Meaning. We’re still in the midst of a pandemic that isn’t over.  DO talk with your colleagues about what they’re learning about themselves during this period.  When we make meaning of our experiences, we’re able to build positive stories that lend to resiliency.  Look back on the last few months.  Appreciate what you’ve been through.  Don’t forget to process your learning and how it’s helped you grow … that’s part of the leadership journey.

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