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Leaders Make Time to Serve Others

Courtney Lynch, October 15, 2015

Leaders Make Time to Serve Others

As the hectic times of the holidays approach, it is easy to get caught up in the daily demands of the season – taking focus away from our service-based leadership efforts. The problem is, we can often be overwhelmed by our perception of the time it takes to serve others.

Remember, leadership is not about being complex, it’s about being effective.

Here are some simple ways you can provide service-based leadership to your colleagues, friends and family members not only during the busiest of seasons, but all year long:

  • Listening. A simple gesture is to ask someone how their day is going and then really listen to their response. Ask a couple of follow up questions after they fill you in on their activities of the day.
  • Surprise someone with service. Every office, team or family has less desirable jobs that must be done. Today, instead of letting someone else do the dirty job alone, step up and help them with that chore no one enjoys.
  • Plan for “leadership time.” Leave an hour of your day tomorrow unscheduled so that you can spontaneously check in with a colleague or offer support to a family member that normally you’d be too busy to provide. Strive to place this hour of opportunity on your calendar each week.
  • Focus outward. Resist the urge to get caught up solely in your “to do” list. Each morning make sure you are aware of the projects and deliverables your team members are working on. Simple awareness of the challenges others are facing allows you to create opportunities to assist, support and recognize achievement.

Don’t get caught up in the reasons why you don’t have time to practice service. Instead, hold yourself accountable to taking three action steps on behalf of others each day. Small outreaches make a tremendous difference to others.

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