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It’s a 50/50 split … what side are you on today?

Lead Star, April 20, 2020

As we continue to stay connected to leaders at all levels across diverse industries, one thing we’re hearing about is the volatility of mindset we collectively are experiencing.  We’re either in a place of being able to access the brighter side of the crisis, or we’re in the thick of it trying to move through the tough side of all that is COVID-19.

And, if we’re on the brighter side this morning, by this afternoon we could be on the tough side.  It’s real.  And it’s okay.  Awareness is what’s powerful.  In the spirit of our shifting moods, our content this week takes on that 50/50 split as we offer insights on handling the grief of the pandemic, and, on the flipside, address the sweetness of the brighter side – both at work and in life.

Recognize the LossWe’ve lost a lot over the last month.  Our freedom, routines, opportunities, control, vacation plans, momentum towards goals and achievements, business success and, for some, even our health.  While adrenaline and the tasks of making the transition to living in pandemic times kept us moving, busy and distracted, for many the weight of what we’re losing is now being felt.  It’s important to recognize that the feelings associated with our losses are feelings of grief.  Grief isn’t something we can avoid; however, it’s something we can move through in stages.  We begin with denial, that builds into anger, and crashes into depression.  Then we practice bargaining as we tell our story and find meaning and acceptance of new norms.  Where are you when it comes to recognizing loss and grief?  There’s no best or right place to be.  Awareness and compassion for yourself and others is an important starting place to move through the process.

Access the Brighter Side

With loss, grief and unexpected challenge and change, we crave connection and community.  We also need joy and, yes, fun.  We heard many stories this week of teams stealing moments of laughter, a little silliness, and a whole lot of connection.  It delights us that Sweet Farm is selling out of opportunities for professionals to have llamas, goats and other farm animals attend their meetings and Zoom happy hours.  It’s awesome to see Kahoot! tournaments upping the fun intensity at work.  We know there’s so much value in the shared experiences we’re having with our co-workers, neighbors, and family members.  We will get through this crisis and we will be stronger for it.  Our ability to create unity, show solidarity, persevere, and care and support others is valuable to leading well.  We’re all growing in our capacity to lead.  Better leaders=better world.

Our Wednesday Webinar

Join us this Wednesday, April 22nd at 11am ET for our 30-minute Leading in the Moment webinar.  We’ll dig a bit deeper into the 50/50 split by having some fun and supporting you in handling the tougher side of the pandemic experience.  We’ll explore what’s needed as we shift to a longer view of the year ahead – including guidance to consider as teams plan for getting back to offices and workplaces.  Looking forward to connecting with you this week.  And, lastly, a big thank you to our Crisis Cohort* members for sharing your vantage points and adding big time value to our community.

We’re with you,
Angie and Courtney

*Our Crisis Cohort is comprised of leaders across diverse industries who’ve agreed to share with us insights during the Coronavirus pandemic.  If you would like to join the cohort, which is a minimal time commitment, sign up here.

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