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How to Create Opportunities for Your Emerging Leaders

Lead Star, April 1, 2018

How to Create Opportunities for Your Emerging Leaders

Emerging Leaders. High Potentials. 
Whatever you call them, we know what you’re seeking: opportunities for this group to grow their leadership skills.
Why not challenge them to lead a leadership lunch and learn series?
On the SPARK Experience, we have a variety of presentations that your top talent can download to facilitate a leadership conversation with their peers, direct reports, or resource group. You can find these resources here.
By engaging your talent with this task, you’ll be able to assess their organizational skills and informal leadership abilities. 
What’s more, you’ll help inspire a positive, productive leadership conversation within your team, adding value to your organization.
Helping early to mid-career leaders grow can be done in two simple steps:

  1. Identify the person in your organization who could take on this responsibility.
  2. Forward them this email encouraging them to check out the site and develop a plan.

Then, sit back and watch your team come together to grow their leadership skills.
Or, if your organization has a program for emerging leaders or high potentials, be a standout on your team by initiating your own group learning session. By going above and beyond what’s expected, you’re sure to contribute to your already positive reputation.
Easy, right? That’s why we created the SPARK Experience. We did the legwork so your team can do the learning.

SPARK Leadership Opportunities Here


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