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Getting Ready for that Better Tomorrow

Lead Star, April 27, 2020

Leaders at All Levels
We’ve been amazed and inspired by the leadership we’ve seen demonstrated amidst COVID-19:

  • Managers increasing their informal conversations with team members
  • Different departments improving collaboration
  • Individual contributors innovating on the fly to address their businesses’ challenges

The Leaders at All Levels concept is being validated in our society right now, as everyday workers are heralded for their contributions.  As such, we’re excited to see our book that promotes these ideas, SPARK: How to Lead Yourself and Others to Greater Success, is surging in popularity.  SPARK is on Amazon’s TOP 15 bestseller list … and we’re pretty humbled by the company we’re surrounded by.


Preparing for a Return to the Office
Right now, many of us are preparing both mentally and logistically for a return to the office.  Many of our clients are targeting mid-May for the first wave of employees to come back.  Returning to work will likely be a rolling process, with remote working continuing to some degree for the foreseeable future.   
At Lead Star, we’d like to partner with you to bring substance and development as you rely on virtual workers to continue to be your success factor.  In this spirit, we’ve created a highly valuable, easy to implement, low-cost offer to help facilitate your team’s development.  Learn more by clicking here

Our SPARK Nation offer makes leadership learning smooth – we send a book directly to each of your team members, join you for two webinars held at your convenience, and walk you through the robust resources (think book club guide, handouts and videos) available to learn virtually, together.  Plus, it’s a proven resource – hundreds of thousands of professionals have taken advantage of learning together with SPARK.
Reading SPARK as a team, and allowing it to serve as a catalyst for the conversations that matter most, will help you get ready for a better tomorrow.

Wednesday’s Webinar
We’re going to take the time this Wednesday, April 29th at 11am ET to focus on how you can proactively shape the return to work process by using the leadership concepts in SPARK as your guide.  This Wednesday’s session, titled Join SPARK Nation, will:

  • Discuss what the world’s strongest teams are doing today to prepare for their better tomorrow.
  • Provide an overview of the FREE resources available to you and your team on the SPARK Experience.
  • Highlight the special SPARK Nation offer that will allow SPARK’s authors, Angie and Courtney, to lead your team through a virtual development experience.

You might consider inviting your trusted HR Partner to this week’s webinar or one of your talented team members who’d benefit from the opportunity to lead a SPARK book study for your group. 

Click here to register for the webinar.
Thanks for all that you’re doing right now to lead yourself and others through this ever-changing, ever-evolving period in our history.
We are with you,
Angie and Courtney

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