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Fingernails on a Chalkboard

Sean Lynch, April 13, 2015

I just read another article about leadership development. In it, the author said that you can’t train everyone to be a leader. When I hear that not everyone can become a leader, it’s like listening to fingernails on a chalkboard. I cringe. I just don’t believe it. At Lead Star, we believe that everyone can become a better leader.

Saying that not everyone can be a leader is like saying that you can’t teach everyone to play golf. Now, everyone may not make it on the PGA Tour, or win The Masters. But, everyone can play the game, and with a little bit of practice, everyone could get better. Leadership development is similar. We may not all become perfect leaders, but we can all demonstrate accountability, credibility, confidence, decisiveness, and emotional resolve. Those behaviors enable us to influence and inspire people around us. And, by developing self-awareness around our current behavior and by practicing, we can all learn to demonstrate more of those behaviors.

Leadership development is a journey, or a continuum, not a destination. We are all on that journey somewhere. And, we can all keep taking steps on that journey to become better leaders.

That doesn’t mean that everyone is the boss. At Lead Star, we think that everyone can demonstrate leadership behaviors in whatever role they fill.

How much better would your job be, would your workplace be, if everyone around you took more responsibility for their performance; strove to meet and exceed performance standards; connected their actions to the ability of others to succeed; worked to meet the needs of colleagues; and, dispensed open, honest feedback to elevate performance? That’s leadership. And, we can all do it.

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