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Everyday leaders are becoming everyday heroes

Lead Star, June 15, 2020

This week we polled Lead Star’s Crisis Cohort members, leaders at all levels around the nation, and asked them who they are looking to for leadership.  We thought we’d hear stories of prominent people who might have captured their attention.  Aside from mentions of historical figures and a couple of thought leaders, every single member sharing their thoughts spoke very locally.  They spoke about their colleagues, their direct bosses, the CEOs of their companies and their friends and neighbors.

We follow the leader whose voice is the clearest … not the loudest.  We follow the leader who’s earned our trust through consistent credibility in thought, word and deed, as well as their ability to express empathy and truly care about us as individuals.

Right now, more than any time in our history, we’re following the leaders to the right and to the left of us because those are the people we’re learning to count on during this pandemic and this time of civil unrest.

We want you to know that right now, your leadership matters.  People are counting on you to show up in this VUCA world – volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous – and have presence of mind, demonstrate thoughtful action, and communicate in ways that bring people together so they can focus on what we can do, together.

We’ve long purported the power of leaders at all levels; this is the time for individuals to not wait to be called to lead.  Leadership is a verb – not a position on an organization chart.

Check out this video, where we share the value of choosing to lead and give you ideas related to the leadership skills you can harness right now in this environment.  We also offer ways that you can inspire greater leadership, which will help you cascade leadership to others in your organization.

We value all that you’re doing right now to be your best and to lead from the front.  Thanks for your commitment to being a leader in all you do.

Our best,

Angie and Courtney

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