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Leadership is not about job titles — it’s about action and behavior.

“The concept of leadership is not a difficult one to understand. It’s simply about taking care of others and treating them fairly, communicating in a way that lets others know what they must do to be successful, and passing along praise for a job well done. It’s that straightforward, but it’s by no means intuitive. It must be learned and practiced. SPARK will help you do just that.”
— Frederick W. Smith, Chairman and CEO, FedEx

Many believe leaders are the rare few at the upper echelons of a business or enterprise. The truth is that leaders can be found at any organizational level. These are the Sparks — the doers, thinkers, innovators and key influencers who are catalysts for personal and organizational change. They aren’t defined by the place they hold on an organizational chart — they are defined by their actions, commitment, and will.

When Sparks are ignited, their actions can directly shape the future. Sparks make things better.

Leadership experts Angie Morgan, Courtney Lynch and Sean Lynch show you how to be a Spark by learning and adopting seven key leadership behaviors. Drawing on their backgrounds as military officers and business leaders, the authors present a roadmap for leadership development that will help you succeed.

SPARK is grounded in the latest research related to leadership development and presented in a narrative fashion that brings to life the guidance it promotes. Real world examples from inside companies like Facebook and Boston Scientific highlight how Sparks distinguish themselves as leaders.

Not only does SPARK provide you the encouragement and motivation to be a leader, it also offers online resources that will further support your leadership development.

With SPARK as a blueprint, anyone can become a catalyst for change, and any organization can identify and develop Sparks.

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The SPARK Experience: A leadership book study

Since SPARK’s release, thousands of readers have participated in the SPARK Book Club. From corporate groups to schools, churches and community groups, we’ve heard from readers that the book club experience is valuable across diverse settings.

It’s simple. Choose five additional people (colleagues, team members, friends) to commit about an hour a week for a total of six weeks. Your group can meet in person or virtually. Everything you need for this experience, including steps for success, is included in the Group Leader Kit.