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Leading from the Front

Leading from the Front


“A brilliant, original, practical, profound, human, energetic book written by two remarkable women. It's one of the best books on leadership published in the last several years.”
—Tom Peters, author of In Search of Excellence

Angie Morgan and Courtney Lynch weren’t born leaders—they became leaders during their years in the U.S. Marine Corps, enduring some of the toughest training on earth. Now they pass those field-tested strategies and hard-fought insights to you. In Leading from the Front, they deliver 10 key practices to becoming a powerful leader. You’ll improve your decision-making, focus, and performance as you learn to:

  • Lead from the front—and set an inspiring example for others
  • Think fast on your feet—and stop making excuses
  • Take care of your team (so they’ll take care of you)
  • Stay cool while dealing with crises—and respond without overreacting
  • Develop Marine-level confidence, coolness, and courage—without the boot camp

Now more than ever, women are stepping up, leaning in, and taking charge in leadership positions of every stripe. Channel your strengths, maximize your resources, and motivate your team to achieve any goal you set by Leading from the Front.

Book Clubs

We offer two free book clubs based on our best-selling business book Leading from the Front. Both book clubs are designed to promote leadership, networking, and the sharing of best practices.

10-Week Leadership Challenge

10 weeks. 10 hours. Better leaders.

Strengthen the leadership abilities of both the men and women in your office, work group, or department by engaging your team in Lead Star’s 10-Week Leadership Challenge. Devote just one hour per week for ten weeks to learning and discussing the ten key leadership principles introduced in the best-selling business book “Leading from the Front”. By the end of week 10, your team will develop the skills necessary to be better leaders.

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Strive for Five Book Club

Five women. Five weeks.

If you are thinking about learning leadership in your spare time, Lead Star’s Strive for Five Book Club is for you. Each member of your club begins by reading “Leading from the Front”. Then over the next five weeks your group will engage in educational and thought-provoking dialogue guided by the use of our free downloadable materials.

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