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Are You With Us?

Lead Star, March 25, 2018

Are Your Work Relationships Transactional...or Transformational?

When we started Lead Star, we were focused on a simple mission: Inspire greater leadership in our world. Now that we’re more than 14 years into our journey, our mission has never felt more important or as critical.
We know that one lone leader can’t solve all of the challenges our world faces. We firmly believe, however, that a collection of leaders can.
If there’s ever been a call to lead, it’s right now. Our question to you is:

How will you answer?

We created the SPARK Experience to empower you in developing your leadership skills. We also hope to inspire you to involve others in a leadership journey so that together you can grow your leadership skills.
We know that you have it within your power to spark positive change.
To launch your journey, check out the Grow You section on the SPARK Experience. Also, watch the video below where you hear from SPARK’s authors on which exercises they like best.




Leadership starts with you. You have it within your power to contribute to a better world. Are you with us?



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