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Episode 26: Mike Whitaker

Mike Whitaker

The Decision Makeover: An Intentional Approach to Living Life the Way You Want

The secret of happy and successful people? Their ability to make good decisions. 


Changing careers, launching a business, starting a family, buying a home, moving to a new city? How do you know whether you’re making the right decision?

In The Decision Makeover, Mike Whitaker offers a thoughtful and strategic approach for choosing wisely in all aspects of your life whether it’s about money, career, education, health, friends, or family. With his background in both business and psychology, he lays out a decision-making process that gives you the power to achieve your dreams. He even explains what to do if you’ve made some poor decisions along the way, so that you can move ahead without regret.

Join us as Lead Star Senior Consultant Patrick Nelson speaks with Mike who will discuss the importance of understanding the difference between small and big decisions, and shows why defining your essential goals is the key to overcoming the roadblocks that can derail your progress.

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