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Unlock the Leader Within

Learn to leverage your strengths, take meaningful risks, and stand out among your peers

Inspire your Team

You’ll walk away with the skills to engage teams, build influence, and identify talent within your organization

Accelerate your Impact

Personal leadership development creates ripple effects inside organizations, from new revenue streams to accelerated results on high-impact projects.

Impact of Our Coaching


seeking a promotion earned one


would recommend Year to Rise to a colleague or friend


reported greater balance and career satisfaction

Our Customized Approach

Each Lead Star coaching program is unique; every participant utilizes their coaching conversations with express goals that are important to them and their organization, which can include:

Research has shown that leadership coaching is one of the best ways to support the growth and development of high performers, all the while helping support retention and engagement strategies.

Our Clients

For two decades, Lead Star has worked with the world’s best organizations to develop their leaders. Our clients include:

Program Duration and Cost

Lead Star’s Year to Rise program is offered in a 6-month and 12-month format.

Each program option follows a similar structure:

Understand Your Story.

We’ll focus on learning about our client’s ecosystem and understanding their leadership style so they attain a clear picture of their strengths and opportunities for growth.

Clarify Your Vision and Identify Goals.

Together we’ll define their professional and personal vision and translate it into goals and a step-by-step plan.

Focus on Sustainable Change.

We know personal growth takes time, will, and commitment. We’ll help your talent create the context for change and build the leadership competencies needed for sustainable results.

Practice Self-Directed Growth.

When your team members conclude their Year to Rise experience, they’ll have a roadmap that will allow them to continue down their growth journey post-program.

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Your Guides

We’ve been in your shoes. We know firsthand the stress of stretching for aspirations that seem out of reach.

Our consultants have led successfully in the military, in business, in nonprofits, and as entrepreneurs. We’re proven leaders ready to guide you on your path to success at work and in life. We’ll show you how to apply leadership skills to the challenges you face, making the impossible seem probable and obstacles surmountable.

As experienced guides, we’ve supported thousands of professionals in moving beyond the status quo and becoming the leaders they wish they had.

Now, we want to work directly with you.

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Make This Year Yours

If you’ve ever wanted:

  • Personalized, point-by-point guidance on how to be a better leader
  • An experienced guide to help you reach the next level in your career
  • Straightforward advice on how to achieve less stress and more success

Then Year to Rise is for you.

When you commit to this custom leadership coaching program, you partner with Lead Star coaches, proven leaders who are ready to put their experience to work for you. Everything about this leadership development experience is on-demand and designed to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule.

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