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Say You’re Sorry Only When …

Angie Morgan, March 2, 2020

Say You’re Sorry Only When You’re at Fault.  That leadership principle resonated with many professionals when we started sharing this in the early days of Lead Star.  The idea behind this principle is that our apologies need to carry weight.  If we apologize endlessly, for scenarios we had no hand in creating, we communicate passively and chip away at our credibility and ability to influence. 

Say Your Sorry … is one of the 10 leadership principles Courtney Lynch and I wrote about in our 2006 best-seller, Leading from the Front: No Excuse Leadership Tactics for Women. 

As it’s Women’s History Month, we thought we’d share all of the leadership principles that we wrote about in our book, which serve as the true foundation of our work at Lead Star.

  1. Meet and exceed the standards of others.  Lead from the front.
  2. Make timely decisions – find the 80% solution.
  3. Seek to take responsibility before you place blame.
  4. True leaders dedicate themselves to service – take care of those you lead.
  5. Think before you act – especially before you overreact.
  6. When faced with a crisis aviate, navigate and communicate.
  7. Courage + Initiative + Perseverance + Integrity = Success.
  8. Don’t cry over something that won’t cry over you.
  9. Say you’re sorry only when you’re at fault.
  10. Always lead as you are.

These principles, which highlight the criticality of credibility, service, accountability, authenticity, decision-making and emotions, aren’t just relevant for women – they’re universal and allow you to develop your leadership style so that you position yourself for greater success. 
If you’re interested in learning more about them, or even creating a book group to discuss them, learn more by clicking here.

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