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Remember the Time You Failed?

Angie Morgan, December 7, 2020

Courtney and I are knee-deep in writing our third book right now. One thing we always pride ourselves in is writing about our own, personal failures. We don’t like to hide the fact that when we stretch, we stumble. The stumbles make far, far more interesting stories.    
I was reflecting the other day about many of my failures, mistakes, missteps, and misfortunes so we could place content in our manuscript draft. I was doing this on a day, though, when it was gray outside. And it was so cold that I lacked the desire to do something that always inspires me – go outside and run. And I was tired, which always makes me a little testy. 
Knowing what my mood was like, I decided to take the exercise in a different direction. Alongside my list of epic misses, I began to write some of the valuable lessons gained from them. Some of them brought a smile to my face. Some of them made me laugh out loud. All these lessons, though, were reminders that as we tell our story, we can give airtime to the negative … but the value of the experience needs appreciation, too.    
The yearend is always a time for reflection. 2020 was challenging for all of us in many different ways. There were times when we came up short, missed a goal, or experienced a setback. There were times, too, that despite how hard we tried we weren’t our best. 
My hope for you is that as you do your year in review, sure, acknowledge some of your missteps with an eye for accountability. But also demonstrate a moment of self-compassion as you think about the reward gained from the experience. I promise you, it’ll make you smile … it could even make you laugh. At the very least, on your quest to becoming a better leader, it’ll make you realize that there’s so much joy and value in the journey – whatever progress or setbacks come with it.

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