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Presence and Presents

Angie Morgan, December 24, 2018

Presence and Presents

I’m going to lead by example this year and do something daring: I’m going to abandon my phone this holiday season and stick to real, human connection. Shocking, right? 

I’ve already ditched Facebook for one month. (I’ll admit – I didn’t realize my addiction until I kicked the habit.) As my family prepares to spend a lot of time together, I’m going to put my phone away. Easier said than done…. 

We’re so used to presents for the holiday – what about presence? I’d argue that to the ones who love us most, our focus on the here and now is more valuable than anything found inside a wrapped package. 

My challenge to you, too, is to bring your whole self to parties, gatherings, and dinners out. Put whatever distracts you away and give those in your party the best gift you have – you. 

Here’s to a wonderful holiday season! 

Angie & the Lead Star Team

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