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Planning … Revisited

Lead Star, June 26, 2020

Three Ideas on Planning that Can Help You Lead Yourself through COVID

How many of your plans have been disrupted in the past several months? Yes, we know, too many to count.

Here are three aspects of planning we learned in the Marines that we think will help you continue to plan … and keep positive with the right perspective when things don’t go your way.

1. First, a plan is a reference point for change. This idea allows you to be prepared (emotionally, mentally, logistically) when Plan A doesn’t happen.

2. Don’t fall in love with your plan. When you do, you run the risk of being blind to other options and opportunities that may emerge in a rapidly changing environment. You also might not be able to “break up with your plan” when it’s clear that what you envisioned isn’t going to happen.

3. Finally, don’t just have one route to your destination. Know many courses of action. If this, then that scenario planning allows you to be quick to change direction when the situation isn’t developing as envisioned. While you may take a different route to your destination, which might be longer or more frustrating, you’ll get there … eventually.

We know this pandemic is far from over. Increases in COVID cases are only confirming this. But let’s not let a virus derail us entirely. Bottom line: don’t give up on your plans to achieve your vision (either personally or professionally). Focus on being more open minded, creative and imaginative to lead yourself towards where you’d like to go.

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