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Overcoming Obstacles Feat. Marsh Carter

Angie Morgan, February 19, 2018

Overcoming Obstacles feat. Marsh Carter

How are you able to be resilient in the face of significant rejection?
I wondered that after hearing that Vietnam Veteran Marsh Carter applied to over 80 companies after he left the Marine Corps and was rejected by jobs over 80 times. Carter would later build a successful 35+ year career in the financial sector, earning a CEO role at a Fortune 500 company and becoming the chair of the New York Stock Exchange.
Marsh Carter and I were able to sit down for the latest episode of Leadership Conversations to discuss his transition from the Marine Corps to the corporate world during the Vietnam War, and the leadership wisdom he developed as a result of his experience. He discusses the key traits that lead to resiliency and leadership success, for both Veterans transitioning into the civilian world and anyone looking to lead in their industry or position:

  • Be prepared to take on tough challenges. Be eager to accept responsibility, even if that means taking on the high risk/high reward jobs or tasks.
  • Make contingency plans: Expect the worst and plan how you’re going to deal with it.
  • Be a team player. Focus on building team accomplishment instead of individual accomplishments.
  • Expect some rejection. You should expect some rejection and expect some people to not value your military experience. You have to keep trying.
  • Be Accountable. Success is directly related to your ability to give clear instructions, follow up and take responsibility for your actions.

Whether or not you’ve served in the military, Marsh’s story of overcoming obstacles is a powerful lesson in the importance of leadership skills in tackling obstacles. Listen in to our conversation today!

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