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Leading Your Career in COVID-19 Times

Lead Star, May 18, 2020

When we rebranded our Leadership Moments “Leading in the Moment” we knew one thing: being in the moment is a helpful way to experience significant change.  We all need to be more present than ever before to keep our motivation at a realistic level, our minds attentive to what’s going on, and find joy and hope in the midst of challenge. 

Career Leadership
For most, we know COVID is impacting the way you work.  We’ve talked with many of you who are:

  • Going through a reorganization as a result of company layoffs or strategic changes
  • Placed into a “downshift” role based on business necessity
  • Taking on extra work or experiencing extended hours on the job
  • Not able to do the parts of your job you enjoy the most
  • Experiencing a layoff, furlough or workload decrease

Any of these shifts present challenges and may leave you wondering how you can continue to build your career when the path you were on has been altered.
Now is the time for both small actions and big thinking.
Regarding small actions:

  • How you handle change says a lot about you – always think of how you can build bridges, not burn them.
  • If you’re still employed, now isn’t the time to ask “what’s in it for me” – it’s about the team, results, and success.  (You can worry about the other stuff later.)
  • Don’t forget that people are looking to you for the example.  Be the example you want others to follow.

Regarding big thinking:

  • Think of the skills you can build during this period, beyond job-related, and how they can have long-term benefits.  Likely, you’re building agility, nimbleness, and resilience – all have value.
  • If you’re not happy with the changes brought onto you, broaden your definition of success.  It could just be that during the COVID recovery season you find fulfillment and growth outside of work.  Recognize that if this is a detour on your career path, you might as well enjoy the scenery.
  • Imagine that you’re looking back on this period one year from now – what would you want your future self to be proud about?

Wednesday Webinars
Our next Leading in the Moment Wednesday Webinar will be at 11:00 am ET on May 27.  We’ll be reaching out to our Crisis Cohort to gauge what they’re experiencing to influence this session.  We’d also love it if you:

  • Would share with us via email questions/interests that you have right now that you’d like us to address.  Email them to Angie at: amorgan@leadstar.us.
  • Join our Crisis Cohort – click here.  This is a group of individuals who are committed to sharing their experience throughout the pandemic.  It’s a small time commitment … we promise!

Our best,
Angie and Courtney

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