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The Difference Between Winners and Champions

Courtney Lynch, November 13, 2017



I am fortunate to have a sister who is twelve years younger than me. She’s always been my baby sister. Until, that is, she grew up. You know you are getting old when you get to watch your little sister’s good friend give an amazing Ted Talk.

I’ve known Christine Thach since she was a little girl. She recently earned her MBA and is a successful young leader at UPS, but I never knew her full story. Christine’s parents came to the United States as refugees fleeing genocide in Cambodia.

I encourage you to watch her powerful Ted Talk above. In it, this scholar of business and the free market advocates for a powerful evolution of capitalism that doesn’t require a trade-off between value for you and value for others. She calls this the collective success mindset. Her observation that business is best played as a team sport offers powerful leadership lessons for us all.

Christine shares how important it is for each of us to realize that we have a valuable role to play on any team we are a part of. As leaders, the more we understand and meet the needs of others, the better results we’ll achieve. She highlights that, “good teams win games, yet cohesive teams win championships.” Strong teams are built when each of us recognize our duty to help each other succeed.

After watching this, my already high hopes for the millennial generation have increased even more. Enjoy! And, reflect.

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